Mowing Your Grass Goes Solar With Sun Powered Lawnmower Idea

With many automakers focusing on developing hybrid vehicles, attention has turned to implementing such eco-friendly technology to other devices, such as lawn care utilities reliant upon traditional fossil fuels. Studio Volpi’s concept solar electric lawnmower not only offers a rechargeable battery as a power source, but also allows users to keep the mower perpetually juiced via sunlight.

More closely resembling a sleek concept car than a lawn tool, the solar electric lawnmower is able to get revved and ready for work by way of charging its removable polymer-ion battery. Once in the glare of sunlight, the mower’s photovoltaic tech “gathers even more energy to keep going and going,” according to Dvice.

solar mower

Image via Studio Volpi

Recipient of a Red Dot Design Award in 2009 due to its ability to remain perpetually charged while in use, simple one-button start-up, and quiet operation, the solar electric lawnmower is also compact enough to be easily stored within small spaces. An attachable bag used to store lawn trimmings is easily removed with a single maneuver, effectively eliminating frustration and minimizing downtime.

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