Meeco sun2go Offers Mostly Portable Solar Power Option

Ready to head off to work? Don’t forget to pack your lunch, a cold drink, and a healthy supply of sunlight stored in the sun2go case, a standalone, eco-friendly method of on-the-go solar energy for all your daily power needs.

Manufactured by meeco AG, the sun2go is a photovoltaic (PV)-based portable power supply comprised of a collapsible PV module and a wheeled trolley containing a battery, charge controller, and inverter unit. “It works by juicing up the battery by various energy sources, like PV modules, diesel generators or the local electricity grid during daytime,” explains Green Diary. “Then either AC or DC power is supplied to the electrical devices by the inverter and charge controller.” Once the sun settles in for the night, the sun2go’s battery, which has stored energy from sunlight harvested during daylight hours, can be used to power various devices such as electrical lights, communication devices such as cell phones and laptop, small appliances, and more.

sun2go unit

Image via Green Diary

Emphasizing portability, the sun2go weighs less than 110 pounds and features a shock-resistant design, making it perfect for remote locations where electricity isn’t readily available.

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