Izip Express Electric Bicycle Debuts From Currie Technologies

The willpower and determination that emanates from bicycling champions such as Lance Armstrong can serve as motivation for average Joes and Janes looking to pedal their way up mountains and across rough terrain; but not everyone has the time for the training the pros undergo. Hoping to provide an extra ‘oomph’ that boosts cyclists from leisurely riders to confident long-distance pedalers is the Izip Express, a new electric bicycle, or e-bike, now available for purchase in the United States from Currie Technologies.

The result of a collaboration between Currie Technologies and an assortment of venerable bicycle manufacturers and experts around the world, the Izip Express employs the EVO Drive 2.0, a hybrid drive rear hub system that “blends human and electric power inputs for optimal performance and power,” allowing riders to dictate how much assistance they require from the bike’s motor should the going get too tough for one’s kinetic energy to handle alone. The bike’s geometry and secondary frame size have also been specially engineered to handle riders of many sizes, making the bike ideal for larger users whose exercise routine is in need of a jumpstart.


Image via Currie Technologies

While rather heavy at 30.2 kg, testers from nonprofit organization ExtraEnergy found the extra weight to be no impediment to the e-bike’s impressive 37.3-mile distance, which was achieved before additional charging was required. The Izip also offered an assist factor of 1.3 on mountainous terrain and is capable of surmounting approximately 2,300 meters on a single charge. Readers interested in more details will find an abundant supply within the online pages of the Izip owner’s manual.

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