Hornet Electric Bike Concept Sports Single Wheel Frame

At first glance, the Hornet electric bike, a concept designed by Liam Ferguson, doesn’t look like a bike at all. In fact, what it looks like is a helmet for wheels, or the world’s most dangerous unicycle. But looks aren’t everything, as Ferguson’s design demonstrates a vehicle as capable of speed and efficiency as it is eco-friendliness.

Winner of the VACC design competition, Ferguson believes his Hornet stands apart from other electric bikes not only because of its single-wheeled frame, but its sharp turning ability. Dual 74hp in-wheel hydrogen fuel cell six-phase neodymium-iron electric motors power the bike, and although a single-wheel frame is employed, a close look reveals that the frame holds not one wheel, but two smaller ones that balance the bike gyroscopically when parked.


Image via VACC

What exactly account’s for the manner in which the ride deftly cuts corners? “When the rider accelerates, the bike tilts forward and lifts its rear stabilizing wheels off the ground to run on a central wheel,” explains Green Cleaning Ideas, which, in tandem with a weight of 176 kg, enables the Hornet to be “surprisingly easy to maneuver with an amazing turning radius of zero meters.”

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