EcoCHARGE Lays Claim To Being Greenest Wall Charger Out There

Right this very minute, unbeknownst to you as you sit at your keyboard gleefully reading all of today’s new EarthTechling stories, there may very well be a vampire in your home. Don’t be alarmed! This particular type of vampire doesn’t drain blood, but excess energy from fully-charged devices that remain connected to wall chargers. Because garlic just won’t do, Ventev has launched of the EcoCHARGE, purportedly the most advanced and energy-efficient wall charger available.

According to Ventev VP Jeff Lime, the EcoCHARGE is Energy Star certified, but that’s not the only way in which the wall charger is energy efficient. “The EcoCHARGE charges two devices at one time, is packed with user friendly features like our power strip friendly design, and gives our customers the confidence to leave it plugged in by eliminating the Vampire Power draw concern when no device is connected, or when the device is fully charged.” An onboard LED serves as notification that the charger is or is not drawing power from the outlet: when the LED is off, the EcoCHARGE is active.


Image via Ventev

Charging for a second device is accomplished by way of a hidden USB port, according to the EcoCHARGE product page. Because the USB output meets USB specifications, it is able to charge virtually any USB device, which may assist in cutting down on the excessive quantity of chargers all portable tech users so rapidly accumulate.

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