Bulbrite LED Bulbs Offer Up To 25,000 Hours Of Light

Let the battle of the LED lightbulbs begin! Just last week, we covered the brand-new Vibrabright LED, which seems to offer the best of both the incandescent and the CFL. Now, it’s the Bulbrite Turbo LED, which seems to have pretty much the same idea, with a few added twists.

Like the competition, the Bulbrite Turbo features innovative heat sink technology that eliminates the need for large, aluminum heat sinks and clunky housings. They also feature that amazingly long LED lifespan–in this case, up to 25,000 hours, without that pesky toxic mercury found in CFLs. The Bulbrite Turbo touts as an added bonus the fact that it’s totally protected against dust and low-pressure water from all directions–but it would appear that the Vibrabright, housed in a similar, if more traditionally incandescent-looking bulb, might offer the same.


image via Bulbrite

Then again, the Turbo LEDs are available in several sizes and styles–MR16 12V; MR16 GU10 120V; PAR20; PAR30 and PAR38–whereas the Vibrabright seems to be a one-size-fits-all. So which bulb you go with may depend largely on the size you need, and of course the price.

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