Sunbox Hangs Out To Dry..Err, Charge During Day, Power Gear At Night

The next time you do a wash, gather your dripping-wet belongings, and string them up on a clothesline for some good old-fashioned air drying, make sure you leave room on the line for a few of designer Jinsic Kim’s diminutive Sunbox portable chargers.

Detailed on Yanko Design, the Sunbox, only slightly smaller than a portable GPS unit, “plays on this theory that on your way out to work, you hang … the device on your clothesline and when you get back in the evening, it’s all charged up.” Around the time dusky twilight settles over your abode, head out to the clothesline, unstring your Sunbox and plug it into one of your favorite gadgets for good old solar power fun.


Image via Yanko Design

Kim claims he got the idea from folks who hung their wash and then left home to complete workday obligations or run the usual gauntlet of errands that awaits us all on the weekends. While you’re out and about living life, why not let the day’s accumulation of sunlight ease the electric bill’s burden on your billfold?

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