Solar Power Charger Case Charges, Holds Portable Electronics

In today’s mobile device-driven world, being without a charged phone, MP3 player, or other gadget is much like being stranded on a deserted island. Enter the 2500mAh Solar Power Charger Case, a compact case buffered with cushy padding to keep your favorite phone, camera, or MP3/MP4 player safe while you’re on the go.

As explained by Red Ferret, the case has a built-in 2500 mAh lithium battery that absorbs solar energy. During trips such as the daily commute, a visit to a friend’s place, several hours worth of errands, or a rejuvenating jog or bicycle ride, the gizmo of your choice resides safely within the case, connected to the case’s battery via an interior cord. Charging time is said to be 60 minutes, for a mobile phone, to provide up to 100 minutes of talk time.

China Grabber Solar Charger Case

Image via China Grabber

Included with the case, which China Grabber currently sells for $32.99 (reduced from the list price of $79.99), are 10 different cords for a variety of cell phones, a USB cable, and a back-up AC charger for cloudy days.

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