Solar Egg Portable Charger Works Harder In Less Sunny Climates

Sure, you want a solar charger. But is that eco-device designed to juice all your electronic gizmos going to wind up in the landfill, simply because it didn’t turn out to be all that practical, given local weather conditions?

If you live in a climate that doesn’t boast a whole lot of year-round direct sunlight, consider the Solar Egg, a solar charger designed to work even in medium levels of natural sunlight, according to Engadget. Dubbed “the world’s first high performance solar changer,” the Solar Egg was developed with high power consumption users in mind, as well as those who live in less sunny climates; utilizing XPAL’s battery expertise and Intivation’s SunBoost solar conversion technology, the Solar Egg can reach over 90% battery charge in just four hours of exposure to so-so sunlight.


image via Engadget

Paul Naastepad, CEO for Intivation, said, in a statement, “For years, people have been struggling to use solar chargers in the Western world with several issues. Either they simply don’t work with lower levels of sunlight, or they charge so slowly that it’s not worth it.” He touts the Solar Egg as a solution to both of these issues, and adds that it is compatible with the majority of consumer devices. The product is slated to roll out in select regions in March, then globally later in the year.

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