Rollable Solar Charger Rolls Up For Easy Storage, Carrying

Avid backpackers, hikers, and camping aficionados may cringe at the thought of adding even one more item to packs already brimming with rations, tents, and other camping supplies. But the Rollable Solar Charger made by PowerFilm is worth squeezing in, as its inclusion just may save your outdoor-loving skin should you be caught miles from civilization with low or dead batteries for your communication devices.

Roughly the size of a small blanket, the Rollable Solar Charger was originally designed by PowerFilm for military use before the company was struck by the idea of offering it to outdoorsy consumers. Defined by Green Launches as “basically a solar panel that you can roll up and carry around,” the Rollable Solar Charger can be rolled out and used to power electronic devices such as GPS units and cell phones — necessities when a party plans to be cut off from society for long ventures. All that’s required is exposure to sunlight.

rollable solar charger

Image via Green Launches

PowerFilm’s Rollable Solar Charger website provides a rundown of the product’s other features such as being waterproof and the ability to function in low levels of sunlight, proving that it is as durable as it is pliable. The Rollable Solar Charger also comes with accessories such as a 12V female barrel adaptor 15′ O-ring terminal extension cord.

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