Kalkhoff Electric Assist Bicycles Hit American Shores

Bicycling offers an environmentally friendly mix of sightseeing, exercising, and commuting, but many who reside in particularly hilly terrain may not have the time nor the stamina to make owning a bicycle worthwhile. Hoping to inspire more would-be bicyclists is Greenlight Bikes, LLC, who has announced the immediate availability of Kalkhoff e-bikes to the North American market.

Said to be one Europe’s most lauded bicycle brands, the Kalkhoff line of bikes spans conventional and high-performance, offering something for the biking enthusiast or a more casual rider. Kalkhoff’s pedal-assisted e-bikes employ an electric motor that supplements the rider’s pedaling, helping out when one’s own power just isn’t enough to top the crest of a particularly steep rise.

kalkhoff e-bike

Image via Kalkhoff

Geoffrey Wagner, managing director of Greenlight Bikes, the exclusive U.S. importer of Kalkhoff bicycles, expressed enthusiasm over the e-bike brand, stating that “by eliminating hills or distance as major obstacles, electric bicycles provide non-cycling adults the opportunity to experience the excitement and joy of bike riding they might not have felt since they were kids.”

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