Vers 2X Review: A Great Sounding Green iPod Speaker System For Eco-Geeks


Want a great two-channel, compact audio system which is also eco-friendly as a favored iPod accessory companion? The Vers 2X from Sprout Creation may very well be that. It has rich sound, easy to use features, a sleek design and, best of all, it leans much more in the green direction compared to many other similar systems. Packaging for such a green focused product could be improved upon somewhat, but otherwise the Vers 2X is a very solid choice for iPod loving eco-geeks everywhere.


EarthTechling gives Sprout Creation’s Vers2X system 4.5 OUT OF 5 ECO-STARS.


iPod speaker systems come in all shapes and sizes these days. Most of them could not be considered eco-friendly at first glance though because of your typical issues such as high power consumption or use of hazardous chemicals in the body design or internal workings.

One company with claims to have eco-friendly iPod speaker systems is Sprout Creation. It is offering up its Vers series of systems which are said to be lower power consuming and made of more eco-friendly materials. They also have good looks and great sound. Is it possible to find such a system which will satisfy both audiophiles and eco-geeks at the same time? We were recently lent the Vers 2X two-speaker system to find out.

Vers 2X

Vers 2X with front grill on

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