SilverSTAT 7 Debuts As Very Sleek Smart Thermostat

Smart meters – upcoming devices supplied by utilities which help you be more energy efficient in the home – require some kind of consumer interface for you to understand the data being provided by them. One could imagine these interfaces being boring and dull looking, right? Not necessarily – especially after one installs one of these new SilverPAC SilverSTAT 7 smart home thermostat controls into the home.

The SilverPAC SilverSTAT 7, debuting at the Consumer Electronics Show this week, looks to combine stylish design with an advanced seven-day programmable thermostat. It is embedded with Windows CE and runs off of the Intel Atom platform “to replace standard household thermostats with an advanced home climate control system.” The seven-inch touch screen display, working in conjunction with one’s smart meter and the SilverSTAT 7’s IEEE 802.15.4 wireless interface, lets users see “with an instantaneous view of their ongoing energy usage and utility pricing on their networked” in-home display.

image via SilverPAC

image via SilverPAC

SilverPAC, known for making home entertainment solutions, designed the SilverSTAT 7 to do more than just deliver home energy information and let one control home appliances and lighting through the Z-Wave Home Automation interface and Zigbee protocols. Built-in 802.11 wireless, connecting through a home broadband-enabled network, lets users interact with on-screen “smart gadgets” for doing things like streaming photos, music and content direct from and the PC. Also built-in is a calendar and scheduled alarm notices.

SilverPAC SilverSTAT 7 [via press release]

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