Segmented Lighting Concept Sheds Light On LEDs

It’s overhead lighting, it’s area lighting, it’s a reading lamp. What is it, exactly? The EcoBulb, a segmented LED lighting concept design by designer Seokjae Rhee that would allow users to light up the whole room or only parts of it, as needed.

By outfitting a spanky new LED light bulb with with a six distinct sections, controlled via remote, the segmented lighting concept would allow you to aim the light in a particular direction or adjust the brightness, as needed. The eco-idea here that we currently use a number of different lighting sources in each room–requiring, if not more electricity (if they’re all LED, and used one at a time) then at least more resources to manufacture.

image via Yanko Design

image via Yanko Design

Here at Earthtechling, we think the more immediate eco-benefit of the EcoBulb would be simply spurring the early adoption of LED lights–which, while super green and long-lasting, are still currently more expensive than fluorescents or CFLs. After all, if one bulb can do the work of two (or three), price may not be such an issue.

EcoBulb [via Treehugger]

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