New Lennox HVAC Home System Uses Solar Power

Home energy systems usually have huge potentials to be energy sucks, right? Not always, especially if the equipment which is part of the system is itself energy efficient. Another factor which can influence this is how the system gets at least some of its power. Lennox Industries, a HVAC provider, is showcasing this week the SunSource Home Energy System, which uses solar power to drive your AC and heating.

The SunSource Home Energy System, as described by Lennox, can be used to “reduce the electricity consumed by a residential heat pump or air conditioner, but also…operate other devices in the home that consume electricity…when the heating and cooling system is not running.” It can even be used, according to its manufacturer, to sell energy back to your utility if you are generating more than you need for day to day consumption.

image via Lennox

Features of this solar system include a Lennox air conditioner or heat pump enhanced to be the “platform” of it, a solar sub-panel which provides connections between the solar panels and HVAC unit, up to 15 roof-mounted solar panels and a “communications” module which allows the owner ” to monitor each solar module’s operation and energy production online, as well as other environmental benefits such as the amount of carbon offset.” It should be available come May.

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  • Reply March 5, 2011

    Lennox XP17

    We’ve installed about over 80 of these types of systems – both heat pumps and air conditioners. Not a single problem yet. We’re really impressed with them.

  • Reply April 9, 2014

    No Obamanation Here

    Any idea what they’ll cost? I’ve got just under 3000 sq ft to heat and cool in south Louisiana

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