db0 Divided By Nothing E-Bike Folds Up Quite Nicely

It’s always great to see a promising concept design meet the light of day, and that’s exactly what’s happening with the db0 pedal-electric folding hybrid bike from designer Robrady. This stylish hybrid apparently caught the eye of DC City, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of fitness equipment, scooters and electric bikes, who will be bringing the bike to production as soon as certain elements of its design have cleared the patent process.

According to Yanko Design, the db0 (“divided by nothing”) bike makes use of its hybrid nature when the power assistant system is engaged, which fires up the compact DC brushless motor integrated into the front wheel. A high capacity, ultra-light Lithium battery in a special casing can extend your trip distance by 40 km while giving you the option to sit back and relax on the uphill climbs. And if that doesn’t catch the attention of casual passersby, the db0’s unique design–which flaunts its folding capacity–is sure to do the trick.

image via Yanko Design

Robrady reports that DK City will be the exclusive manufacturers of the db0 e-bike series, and will be incorporating “unique manufacturing processes that will deliver a bike of superior craftsmanship.” Robrady and DK City are also planning to collaborate on several future projects.

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