BicX Electric Bike Concept Sports Fancy Red Booster Button

We just really never can get enough of foldable electric bike designs like the db0 (“divided by nothing”) bike from a few days back. We’ve got another one for you know, again courtesy of Yanko Design, called the BicX. It is electric, it is foldable and it has what looks to be a very cool red booster button.

The BicX e-bike concept, as envisioned by designer Jeongche Yoon, is like other electric bike ideas that combine human pedaling and electric power assist. This particular design sports a typical lithium-ion polymer battery, but the kicker is that it can only be recharged by human activity such as pedaling or free-riding down hill. It also folds up quite nicely, so one can store it in a closet or other tight space if so needed.


image via Jeongche Yoon

At the heart of the small number of controls for the BicX is a mode selector and red booster button. The selector lets you choose between two modes – “cruise” for e-motor assist as you pedal and “recharge” for putting energy back into the battery as you pedal. The booster button, which we find the coolest, is for acceleration when you have at least 15 percent battery power. We aren’t exactly sure how much boost you’ll get, but the idea itself is just really neat.

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