A Speaker Merged Into A LED Light Bulb? Yup, Says Klipsch

Take a long lasting LED light bulb and combine it with a full-range speaker designed to provide background music. What do you get out of this strange energy efficient mating? An interesting new design in the home audio industry from speaker maker Klipsch called the LightSpeaker.

The LightSpeaker, which will begin limited distribution later this month, is being showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show this week. This Klipsch speaker, according to its maker, combines “efficient LED lighting and wireless ambient sound into a single unit that installs like a light bulb.” One of these speakers fits into five- and six-inch recessed light fixtures with a standard Edison socket. Klipsch says upcoming accessories will let LightSpeakers “accommodate hanging light fixtures as well as floor and table lamps.” Each LED bulb is said to be rated for 40,000 hours of use and can last over 15 years, reportedly reducing daily lighting expenses by 80 percent. The bulbs also contain no mercury or halogen gases.

image via Klipsch

image via Klipsch

Each Klipsch LightSpeaker uses “a 20 watt high-performance, low-distortion digital amplifier to deliver energy efficient sound.” It is coupled with a 2.5-inch wide dispersion driver to deliver a better range of sound. Music is played wirelessly through these speakers via a 2.4GHz transmitter connected to a source. Up to eight LightSpeakers can be supported by one transmitter in up to two separate listening zones. A remote comes with the system. Pricing for one LightSpeaker system, which comes with two speakers and other items, prices around $600, while individual speakers price around $250.

Klipsch LightSpeaker [via press release]

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