The Juice Charger Targets USB Devices, Batteries for Power

It isn’t often that you get to see a cool green tech concept device going into production. Such seems to be the case, however, with this fresh looking Juice mobile charger device set to be out in parts of Asia sometime next year. It reportedly wil hit the United States soon after that as well.

What makes the Juice concept charger so interesting? It is a combination of different charging products, for one thing. Power is loaded into it through a built-in AC adapter, with the main unit storing energy as any other type of portable charging device does. A USB output lets one power and recharge devices like iPods and mobile phones, while two adjustable side holders (known as “air holders”) let you recharge AA and AAA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

image via Yanko Design

image via Yanko Design

Features of the Juice are set to include LED lights which indicate charge levels, what looks to be a power switch, storage protection for the batteries and “an advanced safety protection circuit.” No word on pricing or anything related to charging times, but the Juice should find a nice niche for itself in the recharging products space.

Nobil Juice

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