SolarStrap, the Cold-Weather Green Gadget Charger

In the sun and strapped for electricity? Given the preponderance of solar chargers available these days for cell phones, MP3s and digital cameras, soon you’ll have no excuse for using dirty, coal-fired juice for your gadgets–even when it comes to extreme temperature, thanks to the SolarStrap from Suntrica of Finland.

The SolarStrap is compatible with any device utilizing a five-volt charging, which means it’s ideal for charging cellular phones, music players, GPS devices and digital cameras. The energy is stored in a light-weight, 3.7 Wh capacity battery, which operates in temperature ranging from 0° to 50° Celsius. It’s flexible, lightweight and portable, and has an AC charger input capacity of 5.0 – 6.0 V DC and output charge of 5.5 VDC, 800 mA.

image via Suntrica

image via Suntrica

While many new portable solar chargers are perhaps somewhat questionable in their lofty eco-claims–billing themselves as much as a means to help you consume MORE eletricity (albeit in remote outdoor locations) than you otherwise would–the product website for the SolarStrap suggests one of the more genuinely ecological potentials for portable solar charging technology: allowing developing countries to “leap-frog” past the development of grid infrastructure and going straight to solar. That, of course, will remain largely dependent on the price of such gadgets as this–which remains undisclosed.

SolarStrap [via Greenlaunches]

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