mPower 20-Year Battery Flashlight Gets Release Date, Pricing

We’ve been following the upcoming release of the very long battery life enabled mPower Emergency Illuminator, developed by mPhase Technologies, since it was first showcased back in November. After having chatted with mPhase’s CEO about the projected 20-year battery life, we came away thinking this is quite an innovative product. Now comes word the Illuminator will be formally unveiled at the Consumer Electronics Show next week.

For those who don’t remember, the mPower Emergency Illuminator is essentially a flashlight on steroids which sports a powerful 180 Lumens LED and two separate battery tubes. mPhase says “one tube is for everyday use and holds two CR123 batteries, while the other tube” holds the special reserve battery which kicks in after the regular CR123 batteries run down – even “after laying idle for 20 years.” A USB port is also built into the Illuminator, which will retail for around $290 come March, for charging “portable devices such as a cell phone.”

image via mPhase Technologies

image via mPhase Technologies

“The mPower Emergency Illuminator is a precision engineered tool,” said Ron Durando, CEO of mPhase Technologies, in a statement. “It is the first product to put our Power On Command reserve battery technology into the hands of the consumer. The extraordinarily long shelf life of the reserve battery guarantees users a reliable source of power when they need it most.”

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