Siemens Vacuums Go Green for Power Savings

In the market for a high-end green vacuum? Consider the Siemens Z6.0 Power and Z6.0 Eco: both apparently powerful enough to suck up just about anything they encounter and extremely energy efficient.

Both of these vacuums feature a green power cord, a symbolic touch that refers to a real feature: 50% power savings over your average vacuum. The Siemens Z6.0 models achieve this by using a lower wattage but pairing it up with Siemens compressor technology in the form of a new “aerodynamic” system designed to improve airflow within the cleaner. According to the company, the new air guidance system on these models releases airflow blockages and prevents the air swirls that impair efficiency.

image via Appliancist

image via Appliancist

Both models feature powerful motor fans that allow their impellers to reach a top speed of 497 mph, conveying high air volumes while minimizing energy consumption. They retail for around 299.99 € ($430.185.)

Siemens Z6.0 Vacuums [via Appliancist]

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