Funky Korean LED Lamp Sheds Light on Energy Efficiency

LEDs present many advantages over their incandescent cousins, including lower energy consumption, longer lifespans, improved robustness, and smaller size, but they can be difficult to find in terms of basic home lighting options.  Enter the Free Style LED Desk Lamp from Enfren of Korea, the eco-friendly LED reading lamp.

The Free Style LED Desk Lamp makes use of an unusual series of disks studded with 12 LED lights apiece, giving it an almost space-age appearance; users can choose from between three light intensity settings on a Touch Lamp-like control, which, according to the product website, can help with easing eye-strain and fatigue. The design makes use of a flexible spring tube to adjust the height or angle of the lamp.

image via Enfren

image via Enfren

The Free Style Lamp features high brilliant white LEDs, takes DC 12V power, and (according to Enfren) uses 6 times less energy and lasts 6 times longer than your average fluorescent bulb.  It comes in either White or Black and is available for around $70.00 (78,000 KRW.)

‘Free Style’ Flexible LED Desk Lamp [via]

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