Impractical Solar Charger Doubles As Luggage Tag

Solar panel technology, we have to wonder sometimes, may not be best suited to be built into everything. Take this item for example – the Keystone Eco Tag. It is your typical solar charger device, which just also happens to double as a luggage tag. Yup…a luggage tag, though why you’d spent $35 on a tag is beyond us.

The concept of the Keystone Eco Tag, like other solar chargers, is that you led it collect the sun’s energy to recharge two AAA NiMH rechargeable batteries. It is said, according to SlashGear, to take up to four hours to fully charge this tag in sunlight. It can also be used to charge USB devices, though we can’t exactly imagine what.

image via Concord Keystone

image via Concord Keystone

The Keystone Eco Tag, which will probably be available come February, also lets you write your name on it  – hence the luggage tag function. We just aren’t convinced this is a useful way to integrate solar technology, especially as we envision this item being either crushed between suitcases in flight or getting ripped off at some point during the luggage handling process. It really can’t be that much more useless though than this Hello Kitty solar charger.

Keystone Eco Tag [via SlashGear]

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