Cute! Green! Affordable! Solar Charger!

It seems like everybody these days wants to charge your cell phone using the sun–but the RAYvolution solar charger may be one we’ve seen with the most potential mass market appeal.

The rectangular RAYvolution solar charger looks very much like a cell phone itself, and comes with eight different connection tips that can be used to charged various types of mobiles, including the iPhone. On cloudy days, the device can be charged with regular AC power, acting as a battery back-up. What’s more, it comes in a plethora of lovely colors, ranging from ‘Autumn Apricot’ to ‘Shamrock Mist’. 

image via Ecofriend

image via Ecofriend

Weighing in at just $39.95, this solar cell phone charger beats the pants off of most others we’ve seen, with looks in tune with modern sensibilities–i.e., that of the sleek new phone many early adopters would presumably be using this device to charge.  Wish List, anyone?

RAYvolution Solar Charger [via Ecofriend]

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