Biquattro Concept: The SUV of Electric Bicycles?

Bike trailers are great for hauling bigger loads than panniers will allow, but who wants add the extra pedal power? And moreover, who wants to haul it around empty? A new concept design from Valentin Vodev from Austria called the Biquattro may hold the answer: an electric bike that instantly transforms into a load-bearing tricycle, where and when you need it.

Conceived of as a  hybrid ‘bike-car,’ the Biquattro is a two-wheeler that can change into a four-wheeler. On two wheels, it allows plenty of room for passing pedestrians, motorists and other bikers. When a loading surface is needed to deposit shopping bags, luggage, etc.,  though, the back wheels can be split into two and opened up to create 150 liters (40 gallons) worth of trunk space (more than that of either the Mini and the Smartcar.) The versatility of the design means the convenience of the car without pollution or parking problems.

image via Designboom

image via Designboom

According to the designer, the Biquatrro would have a pedal to kick-start the electric motor and boast speeds of up to 22 km/h.  It would make use of a normal 230 V plug and offer battery power that lasts 30 km per charge.


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