Solis Energy Solar Charger Powers Your Deer Camp

Among the many new devices designed to provide solar-powered juice for electronic gadgets and gizmos, the Power HotSpot from Solis Energy may be one you want at deer camp (or any other extreme outdoor environment.) Designed for outdoor use and built to withstand extreme temperatures, the device uses a solar panel to power everything from cell phones and iPods to surveillance cameras and deer feeders.

According to a statement, the Power HotSpot can run small 12 volt “non-critical” electronics in remote locations or anywhere grid power is not available.  An electronic device with a car power adapter/cigarette lighter interface is required, as well as, of course, the sun.  The HotSopt is designed for installation on a wall, dock, truck tool box, tree or post with sturdy mounting feet and brackets.

image via Solis Energy

image via Solis Energy

“There are literally hundreds of products that can be powered with this product,” said Solis Energy Founder and CEO Robert Reynolds, in a statement.  Suggested uses include charging such devices as notebooks, radios, boat aerators and rechargeable batteries. The Power HotSpot retails for $375.

Solis Energy [via press release]

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