New Solar Charger Concept Dissipates DC Electricity

A new solar charger concept from Rohan Jaguste of Sweden aims to tackle both eWaste and vampire power with a single design. The distinct, semi-conical charger was designed to replace AC power adapters for a wide array of electronic devices while eliminating the internal battery associated with them.

Rather than storing electricity, the solar charger uses a combination of photovoltaic/photo/solar cells to dissipate electrical energy (DC voltage) directly into any connected electronic device, minimizing energy lost to electrical circuits. Miniature motors connected to the side panels of the charger allow for automated angle inclination, which enables the charger to obtain the maximum possible incident light in any given condition.

image via Rohann Jaguste

image via Rohan Jaguste

The charger was designed for use with personal electronic devices such as notebooks, mobile phones, media players, and digital cameras.

Rohan Jaguste’s Charger Concept [via Ecofriend]

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