Boardy USB Stick Sports Recycled Paper Body

USB flash drives are typically not an eco-friendly category of technology, between the plastics used in the casing and the parts on the inside. A couple of companies in the Netherlands think they have a work around for this, co-developing recently a USB stick made from recycled paper. It is called the Boardy USB Stick.

The Boardy USB Stick, which currently lacks pricing or release information, is essentially a small memory chip built into a recycled paper slip. It is said to have “the same functionality as conventional USB sticks” but with its own more environmentally friendly advantages.

image via Boardy Products

image via Boardy Products

No specific specs are available on memory storage size, but it is mentioned on the product Web site that this drive is available “in all current memory capacities.” The drive also lacks traditional packaging, instead being something one separates from what looks to be a stylish looking and foldable paper design. We’ll assume this is recyclable as well. The drive itself is also flexible.

Boardy Products [via Green Diary]

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