ABB Terra 51 DC Fast Charger

Mass EV Charging Infrastructure Envisioned In China

What could someday be the world’s largest electric vehicle fast charging network is set to begin going online in China. The companies behind it, power and automation technology provider ABB and automotive brand Shenzhen BYD Daimler New Technology, will be… Read More

VW e-Golf Electric Car Goes On Sale In Germany

Volkswagen, ahead of a scheduled release of its upcoming e-Golf electric car in the United States by the fourth quarter of this year, announced it has begun making the vehicle available in Germany. It is pricing there at around €34,900… Read More

Kombi EV Not Exactly VW Microbus Of Old

An emerging American manufacturer of all-electric vehicles is set to debut its first compact utility electric commercial offering, it was announced last week. Known as the Kombi EV, it reportedly will be capable of a range of over 50 miles… Read More
pomegranate battery

Pomegranate Points Way To Silicon-Based Li-Ion Battery

Science describes nature, but science also borrows from nature. We’ve heard about a solar leaf, a smart watch inspired by buzzing insects, a hybrid car inspired by water, self-cleaning glass inspired by a carnivorous plant, a scooter steering system inspired… Read More

Toyota May Embrace Wireless Electric Car Charging

Wireless electric vehicle charging technology continues to remain in its infancy to this stage, not being even remotely as common as charging stations scattered throughout the land and in personal garages. Japanese automaker Toyota may be looking to change this,… Read More