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Zuckerberg One-Ups Bezos In Tech Drone Wars

Compared to the$19 billion WhatsApp acquisition, this is small potatoes – but far more interesting! Facebook is reportedly spending $60 million to buy a developer of solar-powered drones, which it plans to use to get the Internet and Facebook to… Read More
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Electric Vehicle Fervor In Bhutan

Suddenly, weirdly and wonderfully, Bhutan, where the per capita income of $2,420 is about a tenth the cost of a Nissan Leaf – and the math gets way worse for a Tesla Model S – is an electric-vehicle hot spot.… Read More
tesla gigafactory

Who Will Get Tesla’s Gigafactory?

Tesla on Wednesday released more information about the planned giant lithium-ion battery factory that has everyone so excited – Elon Musk’s already famous Gigafactory – indicating that it will invest around $2 billion in the plant, with unnamed partners putting… Read More
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Tesla Can Do No Wrong

If you can take your eyes off Tesla’s stock for a moment, here’s a little news about the car the company makes: It’s awesome. So says Consumer Reports in its new Top Picks 2014 feature, which puts the Tesla Model… Read More