Serious Electric Car Production Growth Predicted

All of that activity in Europe you’ve been seeing of late, whether it involves Tesla Motors or aggressive electric vehicle development plans in the United Kingdom, heralds this part of the world is moving more towards embracing more zero emissions… Read More

Kia Rolls Out Its 2014 Optima Hybrid

Kia Motors, at the 2014 Chicago Auto Show, took the wraps off its 2014 Optima Hybrid. The vehicle has been revamped somewhat for this model year, and it follows in the footsteps of its predecessor which was named last year… Read More

Taking Tuk Tuks To The Hydrogen Fuel Cell Level

What’s dubbed the world’s first affordable hydrogen fuel cell mass transport vehicle is set to be unveiled in concept form this week at an auto show in India. The design, created as a result of a partnership between a university… Read More

Fuel Cell Vehicles Holding Up Well In Cold Weather

What’s the performance like for fuel cell vehicles in adverse cold weather conditions? A couple of operators of fleets of Toyota fuel cell SUVs found out recently via the record cold spells that have been hitting the East Coast, particularly… Read More

Feds Offer Money To Put More Green Buses On Roads

The continued expansion of zero-emissions buses across the United States got a boost from the federal government earlier this month when the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Transit Administration (FTA) announced close to $25 million in funding towards the effort.… Read More
2013 Ford Fusion Energi Charging

Charge Rage: How Companies Can Keep EV Workers Happy

In a story that could only emerge from the tech laden Silicon Valley, reports are surfacing of so called “charge rage.” In this newest trend impacting electric vehicle drivers, individuals are reportedly unplugging cars and plugging theirs in instead without… Read More
solar Blackfriars Bridge, London s

A Record-Breaking Solar-Covered Bridge In London

They’re calling it the “world’s largest solar powered bridge,” and who’s to argue? We haven’t seen a bigger one than the 4,400-panel-covered Blackfriars rail bridge that spans the Thames in central London. The bridge is part of the London Blackfriars… Read More

Tesla Motors Brings More Superchargers To Europe

Tesla Motors, continuing its rapid Supercharger network expansion across Europe, announced today it is opening new locations connecting the Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland and Austria. These new routes reportedly will allow Model S drivers to enjoy “100 percent electric trips on… Read More

Chevy Spark EV Tops EPA Rankings In Fuel Economy

One yearly right of passage for many vehicles is how they do in the fuel efficiency rankings in the Environmental Protection Agency’s annual Fuel Economy Guide. For the 2014 edition, the top rated vehicle is electric, in the form of… Read More