Cadillac ELR Regen On Demand Technology Wins Award

Cadillac, in developing the ELR extended range electric vehicle, did actually build a ride that, while pricey, also has a number of innovations in it. One particular feature, its Regen on Demand regenerative braking technology, stands out so much for… Read More
Chevy Volt

Fuel Efficient American Autos Get New Funding Focus

One thing sure to help the continued expansion of automotive innovation that focuses on greener outcomes is continued public/private partnerships. The federal government has been a key player in this capacity for years, and now is making available nearly $50… Read More

Toyota Adds Hybrid Minivans In Japan

Toyota has provided more details on its forthcoming Voxy and Noah minivans in Japan, moving them from concepts at the recent Tokyo Motor Show to fully redesigned 2014 models. Included in these updates are more details on the hybrid drivetrain… Read More

BYD Unveils Qin Hybrid For China, Perhaps Europe

BYD continues its plot for world domination of green vehicle technologies, mostly seen in the mass transit sector, with the recent unveiling of a new plug-in hybrid “intended to target key world markets.” Though this at the moment remains limited… Read More