Lexus CT 200h

Number Of Cost Effective Hybrid Vehicles Growing

Are all hybrids created equally? Certainly not, especially when you consider how many of them have overall ownership costs which are now considered lower than their all gas counterparts. That’s one of the main takeaways from recent research data released… Read More

Land Rover Hybrids Complete Silk Road Trek

Back in late August Land Rover announced it was bringing to market its first ever hybrid offerings, with plans calling for deliveries to begin to interested customers in early 2014. As part of its publicity push around this, the automotive… Read More

Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV Survives Rough Road Rally

Have you ever wondered if low carbon vehicles, such as plug-in hybrids, can handle the same off-road conditions as regular gas engine offerings? That’s something Mitsubishi Motors recently answered with a big yes, after one of its pre-production Outlander PHEVs… Read More

The Rise Of The Electric Car In Germany

Electrified vehicles are more and more on the minds of automakers, particularly in Germany, as we observed from the recent Frankfurt Auto Show a slew of announcements on concept and production models. Now we see a little more as well… Read More
High Speed Rail

13 Of The Fastest Electric Vehicles On Earth

Have you ever wondered what the fastest electric vehicles on Earth might be? This infographic below, which we became aware of via Inhabitat, offers some insights into some of the modes of cleaner transportation out there which are the most… Read More

GM Drops Sticker Price For Chevy Volt For 2014

General Motors is set to debut the 2014 Chevrolet Volt, and with the new model year of what’s noted as being the best selling plug-in vehicle in America comes a price drop. The extended range electric vehicle will start for… Read More

Clemson’s Deep Orange 3 A Striking Hybrid Design

Clemson University in South Carolina is known for its International Center for Automotive Research, and in particular the Deep Orange sustainable mobility program. We profiled one of the program’s first concept vehicles designed by students back in 2010, and now… Read More
Tesla Model S

Tesla Model S Drivers Love Pot And Kinky Behaviors

Gravity, an Internet personal recommendations company, took a look across its data sets recently to note what are aggregated interests and attachment levels Prius drivers have around interests and hobbies versus those of Tesla Model S owners. In taking a… Read More
Toyota Prius

Used Hybrids, Electric Vehicles Slip In Retail Value

Are electric cars and hybrids overpriced for what they offer? That’s often been the argument of many in deferring purchases of such vehicles, despite the likes of Ford and other auto manufacturers seeing gradual increases in related sales. New data… Read More