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Toyota May Embrace Wireless Electric Car Charging

Wireless electric vehicle charging technology continues to remain in its infancy to this stage, not being even remotely as common as charging stations scattered throughout the land and in personal garages. Japanese automaker Toyota may be looking to change this,… Read More
Nokia Lightning Charger Collage

Shocking Idea: Lightning-Powered Smartphones?!

Lightning is what happens when there’s so much electricity built up in the clouds, it has no where to go but down. OK that’s a highly simplified explanation, but still pretty accurate. No matter how you explain it, lightning is… Read More
volvo electric roads

Volvo Takes Electric Roads For A Test Drive

Battery conundrums continue to be a major road block for electric vehicles. They’re big, heavy, limit range, and although there’s less pollution coming out of an EV’s tailpipe, charging that monster battery still utilizes fossil fuels. While many firms are… Read More

Wireless Electric Bus Charging Ramps Up In Germany

A new trend beginning to emerge in the electric vehicle market is wireless charging. Recently named by the World Economic Forum as a promising technology for 2013, it is mostly in small style deployments scattered around the world. One of… Read More