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Moving-Car Energy: It Could Power A Sign

Remember that new device for using kinetic energy from moving vehicles to produce electricity? The manufacturer says a big demonstration of the system went well. Based on the more than 580 vehicles that rolled over the MotionPower-Express at the Roanoke… Read More

Offshore Wind Gets A Virginia Foothold

By Peter Brennan, Offshore Wind Wire Joris Benninga and Paul Vosbeek are founding partners at Real NewEnergy. The company recently announced the Poseidon Atlantic project, a testing and certification center primarily focused on offshore wind turbines. Offshore Wind Wire: Please… Read More

Vehicle-Powered Generators Hit The Road

Americans own an estimated 250 million vehicles, and drive an estimated six billion miles every day. What if we were able to harness the energy we use in transporting goods and people to generate electricity with no additional emissions? New… Read More

Turbine Testing Ground Launches In Virginia

One of the challenges of developing offshore wind farms is the difficulty of collecting offshore wind data and testing wind turbines under real-world conditions. To fill this need, a private sector consortium has launched the Poseidon Atlantic project, an initiative… Read More
Smith Aquatic and Fitness Center

Fitness Center Shapes Up As LEED Platinum

In Charlottesville, Va., the latest building to take LEED certification is the Smith Aquatic and Fitness Center. This 24,000-square-foot center, featuring two indoor pools, two water slides and various fitness classes and facilities, recently received certification from the U.S. Green… Read More
off-peak EV charging, Virginia

Off-Peak EV Charging To Get Virginia Test

Will consumers elect to recharge their electric vehicles (EV) during off-peak hours – typically overnight – in exchange for lower electricity prices? A new Dominion Virginia Power (DVP) pilot program aims to test that theory. Based on electricity rates upon… Read More
Locally made wind turbine, Red Hill General Store

Homegrown Wind Turbine Gets Upgrade

Last year, the Red Hill General Store in Hillsville, Va., built and installed a 5.5 kilowatt wind turbine on Gary Horton’s beef farm. This year, the turbine, known affectoinately as “Breezy,” celebrated its first birthday – and it’s getting an… Read More