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World’s Greenest Schools Span Spectrum

Ohio’s got green schools, lots of ’em. But that’s yesterday’s news, and, anyway, they’re not the greenest schools. No, the greenest schools – the greenest schools in the world in 2013 – happen to be a secondary school in Hong… Read More
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New LEED Launches, Promising ‘Quantum Leap’

The U.S. Green Building Council sure isn’t worried about overselling the lastest big update of its certificiation system, LEED v4. The head of the USGBC, Rick Fedrizzi, called it a “quantum leap” for LEED, which has become a dominant program… Read More
Based on two shipping containers, the Upcycle House is made mostly of recycled materials. Image via Lendager Architects.

Building Gurus Looks To UL For Life-Cycle Help

When it comes to certification outfits, there’s few if any with the history of UL, aka Underwriters Laboratories. It dates back to 1894, for crying out loud, having arisen during an era when things electric were just beginning to take… Read More
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Green Buildings: A Matter Of Health, Not Just Energy

Sure, the green buildings movement is about energy savings, water efficiency and CO2 emissions reductions – all important matters that impact the long-term health of the planet. But there’s a more immediate and personal health element to the movement, as… Read More
Bishop Ranch announced that 37 of its buildings are now LEED certified. Image via Bishop Ranch Business Park.

Calif. Office Park Secures Three Dozen LEED Certs

The debate over the merits of the LEED certification program will continue as critics say the sustainability standards are too easy to achieve and don’t have enough of an impact on the environment. But when you have 37 office buildings… Read More
Image by Brian Wayne via San Diego Community College District

LEED Goes To College: Top 10 New Campus Additions

If the first month is any indication, 2013 is shaping up to be a banner year for sustainable architecture in college campuses across the United States. In January alone, dozens of laboratories, dorms, classrooms and administration buildings have earned LEED… Read More