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Solar Powered Ball Purifies Dirty Water

Over two million children die annually from preventable causes due to¬†contaminated water, and that number is currently on the rise, due to rapid urbanization and population growth. Monash University graduate Jonathan Liow has developed a device which may help… Read More
SwissINSO Krystall

Solar Water Purifier Bound For Algeria

Back in January we learned about SwissINSO and its new solar water purifier designed for deployments ranging from humanitarian¬†crises to resorts on remote islands. The company now looks to have a sales contract signed for its Krystall water purification… Read More
Trunz Container

H20 Purifying Container Is Solar Powered

Water purification in remote settings or areas of natural disaster is a necessity for survival. Being able to power the purification solution via clean energy is a nice bonus to this, which is why the new Trunz Water Systems container… Read More