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Nokia Lightning Charger Collage

Shocking Idea: Lightning-Powered Smartphones?!

Lightning is what happens when there’s so much electricity built up in the clouds, it has no where to go but down. OK that’s a highly simplified explanation, but still pretty accurate. No matter how you explain it, lightning is… Read More
Voltaic Systems Switch Solar Bag V2

Voltaic Systems Debuts Redesigned Switch Solar Bag

In many cases, tablets have replaced laptops as the go-to portable computing device. If your needs are limited to web surfing, social media, and checking email, tablet deliver without all the extra size and weight. That’s why Voltaic Systems has… Read More
phone in grass

EPEAT Takes First Step Toward Mobile Device Ratings

It’s finally happening. After nearly a decade of as one of the most widely-respected and utilized rating systems for computers and electronic appliances, EPEAT is branching out into mobile devices. Smartphones, iPods, GPS, and tablets have become ubiquitous–we carry them… Read More