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UMB Scottsdale Glass 1

Smart Glass Windows At Bank Tame Arizona Glare

In the furnace-like conditions of the desert Southwest, window glass is asked to withstand wicked temperature extremes, such as the 70 degrees F of an air-conditioned office versus the 115 degree F summer heat on the other side. The designers… Read More

Push-Button Window Tinting An Energy Saver

In a city like Portland, Ore., you want to enjoy the sun while you can, because there will be weeks—even months—when you won’t hardly see it. That’s one of the reasons Mercy Corps, a global aid agency, decided to use… Read More

Researchers Make Smarter Windows For Less

You know those glasses that go from dark to light depending on whether you are outside in the sun or inside in the dark? Now, a couple of scientists have figured out a way to affordably do the same thing… Read More
Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana -SageGlass

Sage On Making Window Glass Smarter

Windows have long been a conundrum in the green building world. On one hand, they allow for natural daylighting and a free source of heat when the sun is shining. On the other hand, they also tend to create drafts… Read More