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US Wind Power Manufacturing Pipeline Fills

How good is it in U.S. wind power manufacturing these days? This good: When Vestas announced its latest wind turbine orders this week, it included a link to the website of a staffing agency that is helping it hire hundreds… Read More
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US Wind Industry Sees 2013 Going Out With Roar

You can’t see it in newly installed capacity, but the wind industry says it’s headed for a strong finish to 2013, a year that began deep in the doldrums after protracted uncertainty about the fate of the production tax credit… Read More

Wind Turbine Blade Maker Ramps Up In US

With long development timelines, it’s not apparent yet in new installation capacity, but there was another strong signal on Monday that the wind power manufacturing supply chain is coming back in the United States. The question is if the growth… Read More

Wind Energy Tax Break Talk: It’s Back!

Here we go again. Less than a year after Congress spent months dithering over the wind power production tax credit before extending it, leading to job losses in the industry, the PTC is again up for discussion at the Capitol.… Read More