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Oregon Sets Wave Energy Development Course

Wave energy backers in Oregon – who hope to see the state become the center for the technology’s development in the United States – were celebrating on Friday, a day after the state’s Land Conservation and Development Commission voted to… Read More

Oregon Passive House Aims To Slash Energy Bills

On a blustery, wet hillside in North Plains, Ore., construction workers and designers are making progress on the construction of one of the most efficient home designs in the country. Called the Pumpkin Ridge Passive House, the structure is designed… Read More
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Portland Shoemaker Renovates, Recycles New HQ

In keeping with its own brand of retro-chic style, Portland, Ore.-based shoe retailer Keen Footwear has moved into an old warehouse space and made it new again, using many green building retrofit techniques along the way. After purchasing a 105-year-old,… Read More
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Another US Loan Guarantee Project Powering Up

Here’s a U.S. Department of Energy renewable energy loan guarantee story unlikely to gain heavy play on Fox News. Doesn’t fit the narrative over there, where I do believe Karl Rove is still making the case for Romney carrying Ohio.… Read More