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Maine Keeps Offshore Wind Project Afloat

Maine sunk one offshore wind power plan that would have used new floating-turbine technology, but it’s keeping a second possibility afloat. Maine Aqua Ventus I, a consortium project hatched at the University of Maine, is looking to get two 6-megawatt… Read More
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Wind Power, Wildlife Can Get Along, Birders Say

One of the funny things about the wind-power-and-birds controversy is that the folks who most frequently raise the issue are political conservatives who otherwise show little regard for the state of wildlife or the environment. Meanwhile, longstanding, dedicated conservationists –… Read More

Maine Town Says Ayuh To Wind Turbines

A Maine town has voted to allow the siting of three ginormous wind turbines on private lands on a mountain within the town limits. It’s the second time in the past year in New England that we’ve seen a wind-power… Read More

Maine Loses Statoil Offshore Wind Chance

Maine’s offshore wind industry ambitions suffered a big blow this week when Statoil said it would abandon its plans to build an offshore, floating turbine project there. The problem: A governor who kept putting up obstacles. Statoil wanted to build… Read More
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Maine Power Company Offers $15,000 For EVs

One common theme we increasingly see across about everywhere green vehicles such as hybrids and electric cars are in play are rebates and incentives designed to get more consumers and businesses interested in this developing market segment. The New England… Read More