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Kansas State Capitol

Kansas Bill Hopes To Outlaw Sustainable Development

Sustainability, while an overused term, is generally accepted as a positive one. In fact, the accepted definition of the term has been around since the 1980’s: “…development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future… Read More
Siemens Kansas wind nacelle factory

Kansas Renewable Portfolio Standard Withstands Attacks

March 19 was another good day for Kansas and the Renewable Portfolio Standard.  The Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS) ensures that Kansans receive a certain percentage of renewable energy like wind and solar in their electricity mix, culminating in 20 percent… Read More
Survival Condo

Zombie-Proof Condos In Kansas Sold Out

Looking for a condo that will survive disasters both natural and unnatural (i.e., the Zombie Apocalypse)? So are a lot of other people, apparently, as we recently caught wind from CNET that the trendy flats on offer at Survival Condo… Read More

Kansas Wind Farm Unleashes The Turbines

Editor’s Note: A previous version of this story read the conservation site size was 45,000 acres, which was incorrect. It is 18,500 acres instead. It’s no match for BP’s planned 419-megawatt (MW) Flat Ridge 2, which will be the largest… Read More
kansas wind power wildlife impact

Can Wind Power, Wildlife Get Along?

Some environmental groups are quesy about wind power development, but in a peer-reviewed study of the industry’s outlook and impact in Kansas, the Nature Conservancy chapter there concludes that “risks to wildlife from wind energy may be alleviated through proper… Read More