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Wind Farm

Wind Turbines To Dot Iowa Landscape

The Rolling Hills Wind Project in southwest Iowa that will add 443.9 megawatts of renewable energy onto the grid is on track to finish by the end of this year. The project, which covers Adair, Adams and Cass Counties, is… Read More
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Energy Efficiency A High Schooler’s Way

At in life when many of us weren’t concerned with anything more than our social lives or our next test score, five students at West Branch High School in West Branch, Iowa, took it upon themselves to help curb their… Read More
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Siemens Nets 258-Turbine Deal For Iowa

Remember that wind-turbine parts manufacturing plant we told you Siemens was opening in Hutchinson, Kan.? There’s more work coming its way, from neighboring Iowa: In a press release, Siemens said it had reached an agreement to sell 258 2.3-megawatt (MW)… Read More

Iowa, Carolina Farms REAP Green Energy

The nation’s farmers have access to large tracts of land and–in many areas–plenty of renewable energy resources. Why not help them harvest that energy and make operations “down on the farm” more energy-efficient? That appears to be the thinking behind… Read More