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port fuel cell

Fuel Cell Barge Readied For Clean Port Power Duty

Various new energy technologies – from rooftop solar power to electrified, trolley-like trucks – are being deployed or explored in a quest to clean up ports, which can be pretty gnarly operations thanks to diesel emissions. Now comes a demonstration… Read More
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Solar PV On A Frog, In A Manner Of Speaking

What do you get when you put solar photovoltaics on a smart frog? That’s what scientists in Hawaii are trying to find out. The Hawaii Natural Energy Institute is studying different solar technologies installed on school buildings from Project Frog,… Read More
hawaii solar maui

Maui Gets A Sweet, Cost-Cutting Solar Deal

Maui and Molokai are getting new solar on eighteen public buildings, and it’s a sweet deal that emphasizes how transformative solar power, as it falls in price, can be in markets where electricity is now expensive, like Hawaii: Not only… Read More
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Hawaii Seeing Gains In Energy, Water Efficiency

Hawaii recently topped the national rankings for energy saving initiatives for the second year in a row. In August, the Energy Services Coalition (ESC) granted the state its ‘Race to the Top’ award for modeling excellence in energy and water… Read More
hawaii renewable energy

Hawaii Grows Renewables To Shrink Energy Costs

Hawaii, which arguably needs renewable energy more than any other state, is making progress. A new report says that renewable generation for the Hawaiian Electric Company and its subsidiaries, Maui Electric and Hawaii Electric Light, grew from 12 percent of… Read More