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Massive Battery System Captures The Wind

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling, always looking to forward the cleantech revolution discussion, is proud to present this news video segment via a cross post courtesy of partner energyNow! Author credit goes to Patty Kim. One of the biggest challenges facing wind… Read More
stanford battery

Stanford Battery Could Be Solar, Wind Answer

The quest for inexpensive and reliable grid-scale energy storage has taken a promising turn, with Stanford researchers announcing they’ve come up with a new electrode material that can withstand 40,000 charging and discharging cycles – about 100 times what the… Read More
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Molten-Salt Storage Coming To California

The plants are a long way from being built, but BrightSource Energy has found a taker for the energy storage capability that it began promoting back in August for use in its solar thermal developments. The company said [PDF] it… Read More

Lithium-Ion Battery Breakthrough

Researchers from Northwestern University say they’re working on developing a super-battery that can keep a cellphone charged for a week and be recharged in just 15 minutes – but making small electronics a little more convenient is only the beginning… Read More
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Wind Power Storage: It’s A Gas

The idea of storing excess wind energy as hydrogen is picking up steam in Germany, with plans for a second pilot program popping up – this one from the big power company E.On. But there’s a key difference between the… Read More
New Mexico solar-energy storage demo

Solar Storage Demo Kicks Into Gear

Nobody said cleantech would be shovel-ready, right? Two years ago, the U.S. Department of Energy announced 16 Recovery Act grants [PDF] totaling $185 million for utility-scale energy storage projects intended to enhance the reliability and efficiency of the grid. Now… Read More

Wind Energy, Storage Combined In Coal Country

West Virginia is Coal Country, but wind energy is making inroads there – with cutting-edge energy-storage capabilities, to boot. AES has announced the completion and full-scale commercial operation of its Laurel Mountain wind power plant. The 98-megawatt (MW) plant consists… Read More