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Arizona Public Service Energy Storage System

Energy Storage Called On To Maintain Solar Flow

As the saying goes, we are creatures of habit. We operate best with routines, consistency and knowing what we’re going to get. The same goes for grid-connected power—the steadier and more predictable the flow, the better. This presents challenges for … Read More

MIT Battery Hums Cheaply With Molten Metals

Researchers at MIT say they have developed a new type of low-cost battery that could be the future of affordable energy storage systems, making it more economical for utilities to integrate intermittent renewable energy technologies like solar and wind power… Read More
Solar Panels

Lithium Battery A Solar Storage Game-Changer?

The wonders of solar and wind power are incredibly promising, but the true barrier to effective energy use is in the storage. When the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow, the battery takes center stage. Therefore, making energy… Read More
wind energy storage--batteries

DOE Hub Gets $120M To Build A Better Battery

So, increasingly, we’ve got this whole renewable energy thing going on. But integrating all that new solar and wind power into the power grid remains a challenge, as grid systems require a steady flow of electricity, and renewable energy is,… Read More
Kyocera Energy Management System

Blackout Beater: Japan Combines Solar, Storage

Many of us talk about that fateful day when energy shortages will be a reality, and some have definitely experienced brownouts or blackouts during the 100-degree days of summer. Japan, however, had reality hit hard after the 2011 tsunami and… Read More

Unearthing A Radical New Energy Storage Technology [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: EarthTechling, always looking to bring you interesting cleantech reading, is proud to repost this video content courtesy of Future360. Author credit goes to Sarah Backhouse. Future360 travels to Austin, Texas to unearth a radical new energy storage technology.… Read More
Coday Energy

EV Car Batteries Head To Energy Storage Frontier

With the thousands of minds and millions of dollars put into developing electric vehicle car batteries, it makes sense that companies are starting to “think outside the car” and look for the next application for energy storage. As energy grids… Read More