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E-waste Management Partnership Developed

With an eye toward streamlining information about recycling and safe disposal of electronic waste, two firms have partnered to develop a label meant to guide consumers to local recycling options. The partnership between Vista, Calif.-based E-World Online and Scottsdale, Ariz.-based… Read More

E-Waste Recycling Made Relatively Easy

By Mariella Moon, Tecca Do you have old or broken electronics lying around? Instead of taking them straight to the dump, why not e-cycle them instead? Numerous e-cycling services exist that can do the job for you. Several of these… Read More
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National Level E-Waste Strategy Launched

If you’ve been following the saga of e-waste on EarthTechling, you know that the recycling of electronics in places like China is fraught with threats to human and environmental health. And while the state of California has taken the lead … Read More

E-Waste Recycling Program Tops 13M Pounds

Not so long ago, we reported that 80 percent of California residents were within 1o miles or less of an Ecollective e-waste recycling center. That easy access appears to have paid off, as Ecollective recently announced that over 2.5 million… Read More
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E-Waste Really, Really Bad For Human Health

Next time you just toss that old computer monitor into the landfill or give it to some no name recycler who ships it to China, consider this. You may have heard that e-waste contains compounds and heavy metals that can… Read More
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Global E-Waste Program Gets EPA Support

According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), recycling 1 million cell phones could recover about 24 kg (50 lb) of gold, 250 kg (550 lb) of silver, 9 kg (20 lb) of palladium, and more than 9,000 kg (20,000… Read More

Dell Recycles 150 Million Pounds Of E-Waste

As Earth Day comes around again this year, companies are racing to prove their dedication the planet. One of those companies, computer giant Dell, recently announced that it helped divert 150 million pounds of electronics globally from landfills in the… Read More