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Apple Reboots E-waste Recycling Program

Apple recently rolled out several enhancements to its electronics reuse and recycling program designed to help customers dispose of their unwanted electronics in a convenient and responsible manner. Apple’s new recycling guidelines appear to be refreshingly simple and customer-friendly. You… Read More

Electronic Waste Put On Notice In Illinois

A new law in Illinois passed earlier this month revamps the state’s policy on electronics recycling, requiring more electronic products to be recycled, upping recycling goals for manufacturers within the state and enacting more stringent penalties for those who do… Read More
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Oregon An E-Waste Power Recycler

Oregon’s three-year-old program to encourage recycling and proper disposal of TVs, computers and monitors is on track to meet its 2011 collection goals, according to officials at the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ). Through the first six months of… Read More

E-Waste Recycling: EarthTechling Earth Videos

We all know that recycling is a great idea. Plastic, glass and paper can all be reused, cutting down on the resources and energy used to make them, and the pollution that occurs when they are simply thrown out. Recycling… Read More

Best Buy Wants Your E-Waste Please

A new program is underway to keep unwanted and old electronics out of landfills. Thrown-out electronics, or “e-waste,” can be recycled, but 1.5 million tons of e-waste goes into landfills across the country each year anyway. To combat this, and… Read More
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E-Waste Journeys Visualized In MIT Art

Just as the Obama administration rolled out a new e-waste management strategy, a team of MIT researchers have gained widespread media attention for their powerful depiction of just what happens to our gadgets when we discard them. Through a new… Read More